Victorian Product Catalogue System

HSV agreements (contracts) available in VPCS




Automated Blood Culture and Mycobacterium Culture Equipment and Consumables 
(pricing available to relevant health services only)


Biopharmaceutical - Infliximab


Biopharmaceuticals-Long-Acting-Granulocyte Colony-SF 


Beds, Mattresses, Patient Trolleys and Treatment Chairs


Continence Management Products


Contrast Media and Non Radioactive Kits

HPVC2015-071Cranial Neurosurgery Prostheses & Associated Consumables
HPVC2019-070Defibrillators and Associated Consumables
HPVC2017-123Dental Consumables
HPVC2015-051Drapes and Clinical Protective Apparel
HPVC2016-018Enteral Feeding and Oral Nutrition Support
HPVC2019-019Examination and Surgical Gloves
HPVC2018-155Haemodialysis and Peritoneal Dialysis
HPVC2016-124Hand Hygiene, Disinfectants and Chemical Products
HPVC2017-086Heart Valve Replacement Products
HPVC2015-005Hypodermic Needles and Syringes
HPVC2016-055Infusion Pumps
HPVC2019-045Interventional Cardiology
HPVC2016-061Interventional Radiology
HPVC2019-079IV Access Devices and Administration Consumables
HPVC2016-022Medical and Industrial Gases
HPVC2016-021Monitoring Products
HPVC2017-057Operating Room and Wound Drainage Consumables
HPVC2019-047Orthopaedic Prostheses - Hips and Knees
HPVC2017-042Pathology Consumables
HPVC2019-058Pharmaceutical Products and IV Fluids
HPVC2019-075Physiological Monitoring and Anaesthetic Gas Delivery Systems 
HPVC2014-015Respiratory Products
HPVC2017-126Spinal Prostheses
HPVC2020-010Sterilisation Consumables and Related Services
HPVC2016-050Surgical Dressings, Tapes and Bandages
HPVC2018-036Surgical Instruments Open and Laparoscopic
HPVC2015-016Sutures, Skin Staples and Tissue Adhesives
HPVC2016-046Trauma Implants
HPVC2016-076 Ventilators
HPVC2016-109Workplace Supplies
HPVC2015-027Wound Care Products

How the health supply chain of the future will look depends on the technology that will drive it. The Victorian Product Catalogue System (VPCS) acts in synchronisation with the National Product Catalogue (NPC), combining accurate pricing data and Victorian-specific procurement information to feed into the Common Catalogue for the health sector.

The VPCS was designed for health service procurement professionals and comes with a range of benefits:

  • Streamlines health product and pricing data, ensuring data quality and integrity
  • Supports health services to make procurement decisions more easily and effectively
  • Clever functionality allows users to tailor the program to their needs

The VPCS contains 37 HSV agreements and around 380,000 contracted and non-contracted items from more than 560 suppliers.

HPV employee looks at the VPCS home screen on their desktop computer.

Access the VPCS

Health Services

The VPCS is available to all health services with unrestricted access to HealthShare Victoria contracts.


Current HSV suppliers only need to provide data to the NPC as it is the master source that populates the VPC.

If you are a current HSV supplier, it’s important to make sure that all data published to the NPC is accurate and up-to-date.

More information is available in the VPCS fact sheet for suppliers and NPC publishing checklist.