Our organisation

HealthShare Victoria (HSV) is a state-wide organisation that partners with Victoria’s public health services and suppliers to deliver best-value goods and services.

HSV will:

  • Manage a state-wide supply chain for medical consumables, including PPE: HSV will procure and purchase medical consumables and operate a large, central warehouse on behalf of the entire system, ensuring consistent availability and capturing significant discounts for volume commitments and bulk deliveries, that significantly exceed the operating costs.
  • Coordinate state-wide strategic procurement: HSV will coordinate procurement processes with strong clinician involvement to harness state-wide purchasing scale to generate significant savings for health services, improve quality of care and patient outcomes through evidence-based product selection and reduced levels of non-clinically justified variation in product utilisation.
  • Deliver more efficient corporate services: HSV will seek opportunities to reduce service variation and drive delivery efficiencies that build on the success of several local cooperative efforts and the learnings of leading health services. 

 HSV brings the former Health Purchasing Victoria’s existing staff and functions and major supply chain assets under single management and builds on current Melbourne Health Logistics operations with a new, much larger distribution centre to support an expanded supply chain encompassing all medical consumables. 

Our vision

HSV's vision is to help deliver safe, affordable and sustainable healthcare.